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The Ultimate Last-Minute Gift Guide: Amazon Prime | 12 Days of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas, there was panic and scrambling around to get gifts as shopping days are numbered down to a sheer 3 sleeps before the most wonderful day of the year is here. But have no fear because this gift guide now exists for you and Amazon Prime is everyone’s best friend, especially when you’re in a pinch and don’t have the time to go to the store and wait in ungodly long lines. Plus, the best thing about Prime is that it comes in two days to your door…we’re truly living in the future, guys.

So, all you have to do is grab a phone, computer, or tablet and get shopping and get such fantastic gifts that it totally doesn’t look like you waited to do your shopping just days before Christmas. And don’t forget to download Honey to save extra money and get cash-back opportunities when shopping during the holiday season and, basically all year round.

Here are six categories of last-minute Amazon Prime Gift Guide:

Moving Away from Home


Homeware - Keurig
Purchase this here ~ $62.99

While most gifts that I give are not very practical because my friends aren’t homeowners, but recently, my brother has been in the talks of moving out at some point in the near future. So, I think practical gifts for those at this point in their lives is important. Now, I’m not talking about going out and buying them their dish sets and towels, but little bits of décor, kitchen equipment, mugs, and so on are kind gestures to those moving out for the first time as budgets can be strained.

Wall Décor

Wall Decor
Purchase this here ~ $6.95

I’m assuming when you move out that you have the basic needs and not much to really make your new place feel like home. So, rather than having your friend deal with bare walls or flags and posters on their walls like it’s a frat house, save them from that road and get them some decorations to hang on the walls so it can feel a little homier.

Picture Frames

Picture Frame Sets
Purchase this here ~ $38.40

Like the wall décor, picture frames to put pictures in of the ones they love is a sure way to make a new place feel like it’s really your own. Seeing familiar faces around your home can help the person who moved out from their parents for the first time feel a little less lonely.

Beauty Lover

Beauty Gift Sets

Beauty Gift Sets
Purchase this here ~ $48

These are great because you can get them a bunch of things they love or a bunch of new products for them to try out for a deal because gift sets are a beautiful thing that way. And it also makes it look like you put in a lot of thought when in reality it’s 3 days to Christmas and you’re just getting it now.

Beauty Blender Bundle

Beauty Blenders
Purchase this here ~ $6.99

A girl can literally never have too many of these tiny, magical sponges. Personally, I don’t use anything else to apply foundation and concealer than a beauty blender. So, save your beauty lover in your life some time and over usage of a gross beauty blender and get them a bundle of them.

Highlight and Contour Palette

Highlight and Contour Palette
Purchase this here ~ $32.90

Give them something that makes their inner light glow from the outside…and not look so pale and dull during these winter months. I honestly love nothing more than using new highlighters because the more the better. A highlighter is to blind everyone, am I right?

The Coffee Addict

Starbucks Reusable Cups

Reusable Travel Coffee Mugs
Purchase this here ~ $16.99

These are fantastic, they come in packs of 3 with lids. You also have the option of just giving them the cups altogether or stuffing the cups full of other goodies like K-Cups, candy canes, or other caffeinated treats. And since they’re reusable, you’re also giving the gift to save the planet which is pretty cool!

French Press Coffee Maker

French Press
Purchase this here ~ $14.99

You can do all the things with this bad boy. You can prepare coffee, tea, iced tea, frothed milk, hot chocolate, fruit infusions, almond milk, cashew milk, plant tinctures, lemonades, rinse quinoa. It literally seems like there is nothing you can’t do with this thing. Not only will it look super cute and rustic in their kitchen, but it makes smooth and delicious coffee within minutes. So maybe your coffee addict isn’t into the whole Keurig life, this is what they need in their lives.

Coffee Décor

Purchase this here ~ $8.99

What’s better than drinking coffee? Being surrounded by coffee décor while drinking the coffee. There are some super cute and rustic designed décor for whatever suits your coffee addict best. My default gift when I can’t think of something that I know they really wanted if you haven’t been able to tell by now is décor. I just don’t think you can go wrong with it because they’re just that cute especially when it’s themed with something they love.

The Fashionista

Style Books

Style Books
Purchase this here ~ $16.04

Books like these are so fun and motivating. It promotes decluttering, yet perfecting your wardrobe so that you are absolutely in love with everything that you love – as it should be. I mean you’re giving them the gift of basically getting their (wardrobe) life together and that makes you a fantastic friend in my book.

Winter Hat

Winter Hat
Purchase this here ~ $18.99

If you live in a colder climate, like the Midwest, then you already know how unforgiving the winter winds can be and how much it stings your ears. So, why not have your friend looking cute as heck in their winter hat as they trek through the brisk winds? Bonus points if it has the single pom-pom on top.


Purchase this here ~ $19.99

Once again, I don’t think you can go wrong with gifting someone a pair of pajamas especially this time of year. Most people have a couple days off before or after Christmas and what better way to spend those days than in some PJs chilling on the couch while binge-watching something? Plus, some brands are making pajamas that look like real clothes so that’s pretty neat.


Themed Mug

Amazon Prime Gift Guide - Mug
Purchase this here ~ $17.99

Mugs are also my go-to gift, but they’re even better when you find one that is exactly the thing that your significant other loves. It’s also even better if your person is a coffee addict because it’s like a 2-for-1; a gift to satisfy both categories.


Amazon Prime Gift Guide - Book
Purchase this here ~ $9.59

Honestly, one of the best feelings is when you’re watching someone you love opening up a present that is a book that they really wanted but couldn’t find. And like the mug, it can also satisfy the next, and last category. Plus, you can make them read it out loud to you which is always nice.


Amazon Prime Gift Guide - Necklace
Purchase this here ~ $52

Now, I’m not talking fancy Neil Lane jewelry here, but rather something simpler, and that will mean a lot to the person. And if you get it for your significant other, I can almost guarantee that they will wear it every day from that point on. Definitely worth it, and it won’t break the bank which is always great.

The Book Worm

Decorative Pillow

Amazon Prime Gift Guide - Throw Pillow
Purchase this here ~ $15.99

This is perfect because they can snuggle up with this while they’re reading their books with a hot cup of tea, coffee, or whatever their hearts and mugs desire to drink while reading. It’s the perfect way to make their space more their own with things that they love.

Your Favorite Book

Amazon Prime Gift Guide - Book
Purchase this here ~ $10.87

They already love reading and if they haven’t read your favorite book, might as well gift it to them! You can even write a cute little note to the person in the front cover; it’s sure to mean a lot to them now and in years to come when they look back on it.


Amazon Prime Gift Guide - Book Ends
Purchase this here ~ $45.99

Help them spice up their bookshelf by giving them bookends. It’ll keep them organized and have their shelf looking absolutely adorable while they showcase their current favorite books.

And thus, concludes my holiday gift guides for this Christmas season. These were definitely my favorite things to create during the 12 Days of Christmas and I hope they were helpful to some of you! Let me know what your favorite gift was that you bought for someone else this year!

There are still 3 more days left until Christmas which means there are still 3 more blog posts and for tomorrow you might need some flour and eggs.

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