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Gift Guide for the Girl Boss | 12 Days of Christmas

Are you still struggling to find that perfect gift for someone in your life, especially for the go-getter of your friends? Well, you’re in luck because for the sixth day of 12 Days of Christmas I put together another gift guide, and this time for the girl boss in your life.

It can be hard trying to pick the perfect present out for someone who is constantly on the go and just killing it at life, so it is a good idea to get some cute gifts that can be of practical use for them. That way they are slaying at life with the cutest accessories and supplies.

Like my last gift guide, I will include all the links and prices to the pictures that I include. Also, be sure to download Honey on your browser so you too can continue slaying at life without going into debt this holiday season.

So, let’s not delay any further and get shopping!

A Notebook

Purchase this notebook here ~ $13

The key to success is writing things down and writing all the things down; lists, ideas, assignments, appointments, etc. These girls have it all together and that’s why they’re amazing, so why not pick them up a new notebook that matches their aesthetic and continue being a fabulous girl boss in the new year.

A Planner

Purchase this planner here ~ $24.00

Going along with the same idea of the notebook, a planner allows your girl boss to stay organized day by day, week by week throughout the whole year. She can stay organized and stay on top of her game, and not have to worry about missing deadlines or appointments. Personally, I can’t live without one.

A Purse

Purchase this tote here ~ $24.90

A large tote is not only super cute and stylish for the girl on the go, but it’s also a great place to put all her essentials that she’ll need during her busy day. A place to put her laptop, a couple notebooks, her planner, and all other important things. You can never go wrong with a simple white tote.

A Mug

Purchase this mug here ~ $14.99

Like in my last gift guide, you really can never go wrong with giving someone a mug. There is literally one for everyone and their interests, and personalities. So, what’s better than giving her a cute mug that shows off her hard work and motivating her in the morning?

#GirlBoss Book

Purchase this book here ~ $16.00

Just because she’s a girl with a boss hustle doesn’t mean that she doesn’t feel uninspired, discouraged, or inadequate. We all feel that way even if you do look like you have your life altogether. This book is the perfect gift because it delivers relatable, witty, and real advice and stories about the ultimate girl boss herself, Sophia’s journey in creating Nasty Gal that is sure to motivate and inspire her.

Overnight Face Mask

Purchase this mask here ~ $35

This is the best way to multitask. She can get her much-needed beauty sleep after a long day while taking care of her skin and restoring the moisture to her skin that was lost during the day. So, then she can wake up with a soft and dewy complexion ready to take on another day at conquering the world.

If you can’t tell, gift guides are quickly becoming my favorite thing to write about because I love finding the perfect presents tailored to each person’s personalities in my life. I also know how hard that can be sometimes and that can stress me out, and I want to help ease the stress of other people during the holidays, so we can all relax and just enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Let me know if you have finished your Christmas shopping!

The seventh day of Christmas is up tomorrow, so don’t forget to come back again!

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