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Winter Outfit: Staple Pieces


O u t f i t   D e t a i l s:

Black Sweater Dress (similar) Jean Jacket Pink Cross-Body Black Over-the-Knee Boots (similar)

The bitterly, cold season of winter weather is finally upon Chicago. I actually prefer colder weather over the hotter weather, so it’s no secret that winter and fall are my favorite seasons, and in my opinion, are the best seasons for clothes because they’re cute, comfortable, and cozy – and unfortunately expensive.

I thought if I put together some of my winter staple pieces from my closet, that I’ve had for years, to create an outfit that could be worn at anytime during the winter months. Because I’ve had these pieces for at least a couple years, the links won’t be the exact ones but will be as similar as I can find.

Something I have to do: go shopping.

Something that my bank account would prefer me not to do: go shopping.

I haven’t been able to get any new pieces so far this season as other expenses took precedent, which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to around this time of year. I’m a known outfit repeater, I’m basically Lizzie McGuire, which I never understood why Kate made that such a big deal in the movie. Outfit repeating is more eco-friendly, and why wouldn’t you want to wear a cute outfit more than once!?


Let me know if you’re a known “outfit repeater” and what your favorite outfit to wear is?

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