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Halloween Through the Years | 7 Days of Halloween

Happy Halloween, it’s officially the last day of 7 Days of Halloween! Honestly, this was quite a stressful experience, but I’m glad I did it. There were days that I was going to skip and not post anything because I thought what I had planned wouldn’t be exciting or worth reading. But, I posted anyways despite my fears, because I did work hard to make this week’s posts.

On that note, today’s post is all about my Halloweens through the years. I have always loved Halloween, but as you’ll be able to tell I never dressed up scary. I much preferred to be Disney Princesses and something fun. And if I still had a reason to dress-up on Halloween, I don’t think I would stray from my frilly and girly route of costumes. There are definitely years missing where I couldn’t find pictures, but regardless enjoy my Halloweens that were cute through the slightly awkward years.

Halloween 1999
Halloween 2000
Halloween 2001
Halloween 2002
Halloween 2003
Halloween 2004
Halloween 2005
Halloween 2006
Halloween 2007
Halloween 2012
Halloween 2014
Halloween 2015
Halloween 2017

Leave a comment down below what your favorite Halloween costume has been. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

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