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DIY Makeup Brush Cleanser


I’m convinced that this makeup brush cleaner is magic. I’ve been guilty of not cleaning my makeup brushes as often as I should – it’s gross, I know. But when I was on Twitter one night, I saw someone retweet a picture of showing how they clean their brushes.

I’ve tried my hand at several home-made cleaners, and they never do what they claim. I’ve always found that using water and shampoo did an okay job at cleaning them, but I decided to give this one a go anyways. Let me tell you this, it worked so well that I was actually happy to be cleaning my brushes and not looking at it like a long and daunting chore.

You know when you use the vacuum and it’s disgustingly satisfying to hear everything being sucked up? Well, that’s how I felt about watching everything coming out of my brushes. My beauty blender no longer looked like a sickly combination of pale skin color with a hue of orange. It looked like it came right out of the packaging, again.

So, here’s what you’ll need to clean your brushes and beauty blenders:

Equal parts of:

  • Coconut oil
  • Dish soap
  • Water


  • Stir everything together until the oil is smooth. Then lather brushes and blender in the mixture. I found it best after coating it in the cleaner, to swirl it in my hand until everything comes out of it and rinse it under warm water.
  • To dry, place the brushes leaning with the bristles down on a towel to drip-dry. You don’t want to place the brushes with the bristles facing upwards because the water can drip down into the part that holds it together causing the bristles to loosen and ultimately fall out.

This cleanser can easily be vegan-friendly if you replace Dawn Dish Soap with one of these vegan dish soaps, unfortunately, Dawn was all that was available to me at the moment.

Let me know if you try this DIY and your experience with it! Don’t forget that 7 Days of Halloween begins Wednesday the 25th; a new blog post every day through Halloween!

Also, ways to help those affected by the Las Vegas tragedy are still linked here, here, and here!

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