Living with Anxiety | Mental Health Awareness Month 2018

It’s no secret that with our recent generations that there has been a significant increase in people having anxiety. The constant intake of social media and comparing ourselves to other’s highlight reels on the internet certainly doesn’t help that. But the fact that we grew up in a time where technology changed and advanced so quickly and so many other factors of modern society, it’s no wonder that so many of us are suffering from anxiety.

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5 Things I Learned from a Creative Rut

I felt unmotivated and uninspired by everything I was writing and the pictures I was taking – it all just seemed boring to me. So, I took an unintentional break to recharge and gain a new perspective. I’ve also been incredibly busy with college and work so writing began to feel like a chore and I was not willing to put out content that feels forced or I’m not happy with.

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Lay It All Out: Creating Dream Boards

I never used to be big into the law of attraction, or things like actually writing down my goals. But more than half of my new year’s goals involved getting closer to my dream life, and whatever I was doing in the past just wasn’t cutting it; I knew I had to try different methods.

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