Lover Album Review

Taylor Swift’s Lover Album is Your Dazzling Daydream Brought to Life

I have never felt more connected to a soul, let alone someone that I have never even met, as I have with Taylor Swift. I’ve talked about the first time that I saw her in concert during the reputation era and my love for her there. It was magical and it was everything. But Lover …

Bachelor in Paradise Week 3
Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Nation, Season 6 - BIP

Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Week 3

Bachelor in Paradise Week 3, Pt. 1 There were no live tweets from me over on my Twitter this week and this is several days late going up, but life happens sometimes and that’s okay. I actually forgot what happened last week so I guess that’s being an adult. Also, where do they keep Chris …

Bachelor in Paradise week 2 Recap
Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Nation, Season 6 - BIP

Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Week 2

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2, Pt. 1 Well, here we are, Bachelor in Paradise week 2 coming in hot. In case you’re wondering, I still don’t really like Blake all that much anymore. I still really like Hannah G. and I think that Dylan and Cam may need to slow their roll. They’ve been there for …

Bachelor in Paradise week 1
Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Nation, Season 6 - BIP

Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Week 1

Bachelor in Paradise Week 1, Pt. 1 Chris has flipped the sign to open, so season 6 Bachelor in Paradise Week 1 recap, let’s get it. I must say that I was not emotionally prepared for baby Blake to disappoint me because I loved him so much on Becca’s season. Y’all I felt that breakup …

Woman with a pink backpack

College Commuter Backpack Essentials | Backpacking it Back

It’s August now which is basically the Sunday of Summer. Soon it’s going to be time to spend long days on campus again. I’m headed into my final semester of college and graduating in December. I’ve spent three years as a commuter in college, so I think I have a pretty good grasp and what …

the Bachelorette finale
Bachelor Nation, Season 15 - Hannah Brown, The Bachelorette

Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Finale

The Bachelorette Finale Pt. 1 The Bachelorette finale is here. And the ending was spoiled for me when someone tweeted it to me Monday night. So, I’ve been pretty upset that anyone would do that and steal joy from people but that’s just me. Despite me being upset, I’m here to deliver you the Bachelorette …

Holidays, Summer Rewind

Dumbest Things Done as a Kid | Summer Rewind

As it’s probably no surprise, I was more of an apprehensive child. I mean I’m still apprehensive as an adult – probably even more so now than then which can be annoying sometimes. But when I was a kid, I never broke a bone. Nothing was ever broken, sprained, fractured, or concussed. You’re welcome, mom …

favorite childhood outfits + throwback playlists
Holidays, Summer Rewind

Favorite Childhood Outfits + Throwback Playlists | Summer Rewind

I was nowhere near interested – or really put much thought – into what I wore when I was little. When I was little, my mom picked out what I wore and that was that. The only time I remember throwing a fit about something I didn’t want to wear was a time she picked …