The Bachelor Week 3
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 3

The Bachelor Week 3

The Bachelor Week 3
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The only reason why I’m excited about tonight’s episode is because Demi showed up. Is anyone else finding it nearly impossible to connect with this group of women? There are so many that I can’t stand, or we just don’t know enough about because it’s the Hannah Ann, Kelsey, and cry-baby Victoria F. show. And I’m over it. Bring back Hannah Brown for the happily ever after we and they deserve. That’s the tea. But let’s get into the Bachelor Week 3 recap, shall we?

It appears these women are competing more so to be the season villain rather than trying to form any type of connection with Peter. It really only seems like Victoria P., Madison, and Kelley are “here for the right reasons”. This means they make boring tv and the producers aren’t going to be showing up much of them. However, I swear in every scene the women look different and I have no idea who anyone is still. And it’s week three. I’m embarrassed. But not as embarrassed as these women should be of themselves because yikes. I’m still hoping Hannah Brown will come back if I’m being honest.

The episode started off with Hannah Ann still crying over this whole champagne scenario from last week. Yes, crying. Still. Isn’t it like 7 AM. Hannah Ann and Kelsey end up talking about it. Kelsey ends up saying that she doesn’t even like champagne…I’m sorry, what? We had to sit through this whole shenanigans just for her to admit she doesn’t even really like it. Okay. Hannah Ann actually said, “finasco” instead of “fiasco”. Kelsey didn’t like being called a bully. Hannah Ann insists she’s not a champagne stealer. Was this problem ever resolved? I don’t even know.

One-on-One with Victoria P.

The Bachelor Week 3
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We were spared some drama tonight and actually given some romance for a change. I’d much rather see more romance than drama – or at least better drama than champagne. Victoria P.  was the lucky pick for a one-on-one last night. Peter looked hot. I’m not gonna lie. They drove around his hometown in a red pickup truck before getting out at a General Store. They browsed the cowboy hat and boot section. Peter taught her some line dancing in the store which was cute. Afterward, they headed over to a country bar to do the exact same thing. In her ITM, Victoria P. says that she never has felt worthy of a man like him. That literally broke my heart because she seems so sweet and compassionate and deserves the world. Whoever made her feel like that, I just wanna talk. And of course, the date can’t go on without a smooch or two.

During the evening portion of the date…

Victoria P. opens up to Peter about her childhood. Her dad died when she was young and to cope, her mom fell into addiction. She grew upThe Bachelor Week 3 in and out of shelters and had to be the rock for her mom and sister. When it came to food, she was never sure where their next meal was going to come from, but she always made sure her sister was taken care of. In such dark times, Victoria said that she dreamed a lot of dreams like having a healthy and happy life with a family. That speaks to her character because that can’t be easy to dream under those circumstances. It was a really emotional moment for her and Peter and as a viewer.

Peter was very compassionate when listening to her. He then tells her that he spoke to God before leaving for the Bachelor and then saw a shooting star after he was done, and he took as a sign that he’ll find his wife. Telling Victoria that could be her. Honestly, it’s sweet to hear that but if it’s not Peter and Victoria, in the end, those words will probably haunt her for a long time. I know they would for me. He says a lot of sweet things, but it just might come back to bite him in the butt later.

In her ITM, she admits that she is falling in love with Peter.

Rose: Yes

A totally degrading date

The Bachelor Week 3
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This date included: Kiarra, Sarah, Tammy, Kelley, Shiann, Savannah, Sydney, and Alayah

Alayah is acting really weird in this episode. I don’t think we’ve heard much from her up until now. She was acting really obnoxious with the other women and when the date card comes and another woman’s name wasn’t on any date card this week, Alayah asks the woman how she feels about not getting a date his week. Not a cute look.

If I could sum this tasteless date into one word it would be degrading. This date sucked. The Bachelor Week 3Demi and two other women give the women a wake-up call and get them dressed in lingerie – or “linger-y” as Kiarra called it – and Savannah in a muumuu. Clearly, words are not the women’s forte last night.

The point of the date was for the women to have a pillow fight in their lingerie. It’s degrading and stupidly stereotypical. And then it gets downright aggressive when it stops being pillows and the women start to pull hair and sit on each other. I wasn’t here for it. I didn’t get the point of it how Peter would learn anything about them this way and this was another outlet for the women to be mean to each other for no reason.

The final match came down to Alayah vs Sydney. Alayah won because she literally SAT on Sydney. Not really sure how that was fair but whatever.

During the evening portion of the date…

Alayah is laying on that manipulative card on thick to Peter. Sydney thinks that Alayah fake and she’s probably right. In an attempt to figure out why Alayah is always so “on”, Sydney confronts her and literally asks if she works. Which won’t age well, because if Sydney makes it far enough, she won’t have to work either. Also, a reminder that Alayah is a pageant girl so because of that Sydney doesn’t really get any answers to her questions.

Cue Sydney turning to tell Peter about it. She tells him that Alayah is one way with him and the camera and that’s when her voice goes up five octaves and another way to the rest of the women. Concerned, Peter takes it to the rest of the group by calling Sydney out in front of everyone. Not a good move on his part but when he asks the other women if they feel the same about Alayah no one speaks up. Big yikes.

Peter then finally has a normal conversation without drama with Kelley. Among all the drama, she reassured him that she would have gone home if she wasn’t into it and that she feels she doesn’t fit in with the other women. Which is true. Kelley is far too good and normal for this show. Nonetheless, I hope she makes it far because I adore her.

Although using your time with the Bachelor never ends well, Sydney not only stays but she gets the group date rose and a big ole target on her back.

Group Date Rose: Sydney

A pool party except no one gets in the pool

Chris Harrison walks in to tell the women that there will be no cocktail party, but a pool party instead. Once Peter arrives, all the fun of a pool party is out the window because it’s a full-blown investigation of Alayah’s true character. But let’s be real, no one ever gets into the pool during the pool parties and that’s lame. Where are the cannonball contests? A rousing game of Marco-Polo?

Peter’s investigation begins with talking to Kelsey, Natasha, and Lexi about Alayah. They don’t say she’s fake, but they just say that she’s different on camera.

Then Regina, Karen, and Gretchen – sorry, I meant Alayah, Hannah Ann, and Mykenna – are all sitting around talking about Sydney and that Alayah isn’t fake. Alayah and Sydney talk some more. And more. And more. But it’s not going anywhere. So, then Alayah talks to Peter and he seems to believe her now; so they kiss and make-up.

But Victoria P. even stirs the pot a little bit when she confesses to Peter that she and Alayah know each other. But Alayah told Victoria P. to lie about knowing each other so they could both be on the show otherwise they would have been kicked off. I think Alayah is incredibly fake for that because this show has had so many people that come on knowing each other. Heck, the twins from Ben’s season of the Bachelor came on TOGETHER. But go off, Alayah.

Is it over yet?

Peter says in his ITM, “my heart says one thing, but my head’s screaming ‘stop it!’”. He very clearly doesn’t want what happened with Jed and Hannah to happen to him which is highly understandable. So, he talks to Alayah yet again and throws Victoria P.’s name out there just as he did with Sydney. It’s all very messy and not looking good for Alayah. Peter gets up to leave and Alayah really tries to get those fake tears out of her eyes for the camera.

Chris Harrison walks back to the women to tell them that the rest of this pool “party” has been canceled. Peter literally left without saying goodbye to anyone. Honestly, that’s a mood. Mykenna is very sad and definitely drunk.

Rose Ceremony

Near the end of the rose ceremony, Peter walks out. He goes to Chris Harrison and he seems conflicted about what to do with Alayah. Peter returns to the women and Chris comes back in and takes away a rose. Indicating one more person will be leaving tonight. And that was Alayah.

But did he really have to take away a rose when innocent and wholesome Alexa and Sarah were standing right there and have done nothing wrong? Hopefully, we’ll see those ladies soon in the summer…on a beach in Mexico being served drinks by Wells. But not Alayah. She can stay home and hang out with her nasty friend James Taylor. Because if that man has your back, well you must be a pretty gross human, too.

Who Left: Alayah, Alexa, Sarah, and Jasmine

The Bachelor Week 3 Conclusion

To be honest, I’m really surprised Alayah is gone, and Sydney stayed. That’s simply not how it typically goes. Who ends up on a two-on-one isThe Bachelor Week 3 still up for grabs. I’m extremely tired of this season. There has been little to no romance. The drama is dumb. And these women are downright horrible to each other and I’m not here for that. Here’s to hoping that Peter keeps weeding out the bad seeds and we get more romance soon.

Here’s a sneak peek into next week’s episode. All I can say is we are in for a sh*t show and the devil works hard but the Bachelor producers work harder. Alayah makes a comeback and Victoria F.’s past comes back to haunt her.

Did anyone see that ridiculous theory on how this season ends? That Peter gets a woman pregnant and that’s why his mom is begging him to bring her home and that’s what Chris Harrison just found out? To be quite frank, that’s one of the dumbest theories I’ve heard for this show. I had to laugh. But how do you think the season could end? No spoilers. We are a spoiler-free zone here. 

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