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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 8

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Week 8 of the Bachelor was filled with tough fathers and a lot of family members. Clearly, someone didn’t listen to Ben Higgin’s advice last week because Colton has proclaimed he’s in love with three women. He has told two of those three women to their face. If you’re quiet enough, you can hear Ben screaming somewhere in the distance.

Virginia is for Lovers…Again

It seems like we were just here for Becca’s season, but we’re back again for Caelynn’s hometown date. For their afternoon date, they went on a carriage ride through her little town. Then they had a more serious conversation about her family before they went over to her home. Caelynn talked about how she never knew her real dad, but her step-dad – John – is her real dad because he raised her.

The two get to her house and the interactions are pretty standard. Everyone is skeptical but everyone comes around at the end of the night because they just want Caelynn happy. I really loved John. I thought he was the biggest sweetheart and he just wanted to protect her and have her happy at the same time. The conversation between Caelynn and John was very emotional and it made me tear up a little. She basically thanked him for being there for her and stepping up to be her father when he didn’t have to be and that she thinks he is the greatest. John teared up in response and it was just all the warm fuzzies. Everyone needs a John in their family.

Caelynn’s sister is skeptical and her mom doesn’t know if she’s ready yet. When talking to John, after she describes their relationship he says that sounds like they could be just friends. Which is the most dad thing ever to be said on this show.

John asks Colton how he knows that Caelynn is the right person for him and he says he doesn’t know that yet. Yikes, but honesty is the best policy. But then Colton turns around to ask for her hand in marriage. Before giving his answer, John asks if Colton is mature and ready enough for this. Of course, Colton says yes, and John, reluctantly, says yes.

Colton and Caelynn watch old home movies and she tells him that she’s fully in love with him before he leaves.

How to Train Your Man

The next stop on the hometown tour is Hannah G. in Alabama. For their afternoon date, Hannah G. takes Colton to an etiquette class to be a southern gentleman. And Colton did not do too hot. Although some of the rules for southern hospitality were different, Colton was acting like he didn’t know how to do anything. Colton just wants food and doesn’t want to take the time to tear a piece of bread and butter each piece before eating it. That’s understandable, that’s some bizarre behavior that no one has time for.

Before they go into her home, he asks who is all going to be there and she tells him just a few important people. They open the door and it’s like the whole dang town of Birmingham is there. Right away, her mom is just not feeling this whole thing and her face lets you know that before her words do.

Her sisters or cousins take Hannah G. to talk in a different room. One of the sisters or cousins (her family was huge, it was hard to keep straight) ask her if Colton being a virgin scares her. Which was the stupidest thing said all night. Like come on, it’s not like he committed a crime. Hannah G. says no.

Cut to her dad talking to Colton and asking the stereotypical, “what you’re intentions with my daughter” question. He said she feels like home and that seemed like enough to sell her father and he gave his permission to marry Hannah G.

At the end of the night, her mom gets emotional saying she left a mama’s girl and came back a woman in love. Hannah G. also tells Colton she is falling in love with him and Colton says it back.

Let Me Blindfold You and Jump Out of a Plane with Me So I Know It’s Real

Tayshia in Orange County was the second to last hometown of the night. She greets Colton with a hug and then promptly pulls a BirdBox and blindfolds him. They get in the car with her driving and him still blindfolded not knowing where they’re going. He’s visibly nervous, to say the least. Once they got to their destination, Colton took off his blindfold to reveal that he is about to skydive. He thought he was nervous driving with Tayshia for the first time blindfolded? Well, now he’s on a whole new level of nervous.

Colton and Tayshia have a moment before they go into the plane and share that they are both falling in love with each other. And then they jump and Colton screams – a high pitched scream. I mean I laugh at him doing that, but I would be crying if I had to jump out of a plane.

Time to take him home…

Tayshia’s dad says to her family that Colton has to be a superstar for their daughter. Once Tayshia and Colton make their way into the home nothing too eventful happens. Her older brother talks to Colton and tells him that he wants to join the FBI and Colton makes the joke (half-truth?) that a lot of people are going to be after him.

Then it was time for the chat with Colton and her dad. Colton tells him that he is falling in love with his daughter. Her dad says that’s a strong word and basically says it starts to lose meaning if he is throwing that around with the other women. When he asks for permission to marry his daughter he doesn’t say yes or no but says that he is a good guy.

Tayshia and her dad have a conversation. I kept forgetting this whole season that she is divorced. So, her family is rightfully worried about her getting hurt again. He basically puts Colton into question saying how do you know he’s not just saying what he wants you to hear. Which is also a fair point. Then he says the second best thing of the night saying you can’t microwave a relationship. An odd analogy, but I mean it’s true.

She says she would say yes right now if Colton asked. And by the end of the night, her dad gives his permission to Colton in front of Tayshia. No pressure, right?

Surfs and Smooches

The last hometown of the night was with Cassie in Huntington Beach. For their afternoon date, she “taught” Colton how to surf. What they really did was a lot of making out and Colton falling into the water even just sitting on the board. But he thought he was going to be so great. He wasn’t.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love Cassie but this date may have shown that she isn’t as ready as she may lead us to believe. This date doesn’t start off that great considering her whole family looks the same so it was hard to keep track of Cassie among all the blondes. And when her dad was trying to describe how he felt about Colton, he said the third best thing of the, “…Colton seems like…a guy”. Nice, Cassie’s dad, nice.

In Colton’s ITM, he shares that he is falling for Cassie. He then proceeds to tell her mother and father. But he never says that to Cassie. When Cassie talks to her sister, she tells her that she may not be exactly ready for marriage yet. Cassie doesn’t want to say the “L” word yet or rush into it. But then she argues with her dad saying that she’s ready to marry him. Then she says she doesn’t want him to be mad at her if she does. I don’t know, this argument just seemed a little immature in the context of talking about getting engaged within a few weeks. I still love her though.

Momma says she feels the chemistry. But when Colton asks for permission to marry Cassie, he is told no. Colton freaks out. I get that it’s a personal value he has, but that shouldn’t stop him from proposing to Cassie if she is the one.

Rose Ceremony

Who Leaves: Caelynn

Colton finally hops the fence next week after being teased with it for weeks. And everyone is shedding tears and everyone thinks they’re going to be ~ the one ~ that gets Colton’s virginity in the fantasy suite. But let’s be real, there is no way this man has waited 26+ years just to lose it on national television. However, it is The Bachelor we’re talking about so never rule anything out, I suppose.

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