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Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Week 4

Week 4, Part 1

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Joe and Kendall’s face is basically how I feel about this season so far. In my opinion, I think there is far too much drama and it’s bad drama – not even the fun kind – it’s a whole lot of toxic masculinity and people getting hurt. Even last season, there wasn’t much focus on the actual love stories on the beach and it’s a little irritating. Sure, I expect some drama but not endless drama and two seconds of a couple being real.

New Arrival: Connor

The epitome of BDE walks down the stairs towards the beach with a date card in hand. He talks to a few of the women there, and one of them being Krystal. She tells him that she does have something with Chris (ew) so she’s not sure. Connor, unlike Chris, is respectful and goes to talk to the others. He eventually comes back around to Krystal and says that he understands and respects what she has going on with Chris, but he would like to take her on a date if she wanted to. She accepts. And Chris freaks out.

It was funny because after Connor talked to Krystal the first time she went back to talk to Chris about it and said she was going to stay on the beach. Well, right after that Chris is running all around the beach saying how Krystal is staying with him and this and that only for him to look like the fool that he is when she comes back and is like, “just kidding, I’m going!”. Because I mean have you seen Connor in glasses?? Why would you not go on that date?

I wasn’t shocked that when Krystal did tell Chris that she was going on the date that he was using his toxic masculinity and subtle manipulation to make her feel bad. Actual trash can.

Connor & Krystal’s Date

So, Connor and Krystal go on the date to some prayer thing with leaves. I wasn’t really sure what was happening. But Connor did say in his ITM that he feels like they do have something special and that it went well.

Meanwhile back at the beach, Chris is still flipping out to everyone and I’m all for Krystal destroying his ego.

I also feel like they aren’t showing much of the dates this season, like at all, which probably adds to the reason why I’m not really seeing a lot of actual lasting relationships forming. Everyone is saying they want their Jade & Tanner and Carly & Evan love story but all they’re giving us is bad drama!

Oh, but when they came home Krystal talked to Chris and when they got up he hit his head on a lamp; it’s what he deserves and the first time I genuinely laughed this season.

Thoughts About the Episode That Don’t Fit into Their Own Category

  • Benoit having the happy flashback at the beginning of the episode probably means Jenna is going to dump him soon.
  • I feel bad for Jordan in some aspects but he’s acting like he didn’t do what Jenna is doing to him with Annaliese.
  • Krystal deserves better than Chris.
  • How is David still here? He really has no relationships or friendships really forming?
  • Jordan & Jenna
    • Jordan pulls Jenna to talk about where her head is at and I really appreciate him finally owning up to saying he’s not good at handling his emotions.
    • Said what he felt when he saw her was pretty close to love at first sight.
    • They make out.
  • Jenna & Benoit
    • When she leaves Jordan it seems like she’s going to break it off with him but as he keeps talking to her she said she’s confused again.
    • They make out, too.
  • Benoit & Jordan
    • Jordan pulls Benoit to talk and it’s awkward and I’m really not sure what he wanted to get out of this conversation.
  • Kenny decides to leave because he doesn’t want to miss his daughter’s recital and Annaliese is left alone once again. Great dad though!
  • In a weird quick recap, they show Jubilee leaving because John says he doesn’t’ see a future with her but he stays. I’m mad that they didn’t air this at all because it was so weird to just be like, “oh yeah, she left.”
  • Kevin and Astrid have a moment where he breaks up with her.
    • Astrid gets understandably upset and Kevin goes back to talk to her and they have one of the best and real conversations of the season.
    • He says that he got scared because it was going too well and he’s used to something always going wrong.
    • Kevin also talks about how he goes to therapy and it was really refreshing to have someone openly talking about mental health and therapy without a stigma attached to it.
    • They got back together.
  • By the end of the night, Jenna breaks it off with Benoit.

New Arrival: Kamil

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The 60/40 dude shows up and I am not happy about it because of that comment he made to Becca night one and then she sent him home and that’s why we love Becca in this house. But in all seriousness, I wasn’t excited to see another guy who pretends to be this tough man who acts entitled and plays the victim card just like so many other men on this season.

But you know who was excited about it? Annaliese. The poor girl literally gets so excited for any man that comes down the stairs in hopes that she’ll get a love story with him. I would much rather watch that then Chris or Leo.

Kamil & Annaliese’s Date

Kami takes Annaliese on the date and the girl who is afraid of dogs and bumper cars drives a huge dune buggy thing over a long and steep slope. I was terrified watching it. But like most dates, this was about all we saw.

The Canadian Hero America Doesn’t Deserve But Needs

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Now, my opinion on Kevin has changed a few times between Winter Games and now. But after Monday’s episode, it has completely changed for the better and Kevin is someone I would love to have as a friend.

Kevin decides to tell Kendall that Leo kissed Chelsea on the night that they had their date. Like anyone would be, Kendall was obviously upset.

The next morning, someone tells Leo that Kendall knows. Leo starts acting literally like a 12-year-old about this whole thing and saying things like someone should tell Kendall that Jordan and Jenna were kissing and just really uncomfortable to watch. Kevin eventually gets fed up with Leo and tells him that he’s the one that told Kendall. Leo freaks out, again, and said that kissing is the equivalent to a handshake in paradise (uh, ew) and all this other nonsense about how it didn’t really matter and snitches are bad. Kevin yells back and basically said that it’s just the thing to do to tell the person you are “interested” in that you kissed another girl.

Kendall goes to talk to Leo and tells him that she heard he kissed Chelsea and that some red flags have been raised about him for her and she’s hurt. Instead of feeling bad that he hurt her or wanting to make it right, he turns it around on her, that she ruined his day, and said snitches are the problem. He calls Kendall an actress and a liar saying that her feelings weren’t ever actually there which is so heartbreaking. Even from Arie’s season, Kendall has one of the biggest hearts.

I’ve said it multiple times that I don’t like Leo. Didn’t like him on Becca’s season and I didn’t want him on paradise, and of course, we cannot forget about the sexual harassment accusations that he’s been deflecting on social media lately. Also, he just seems really terrifying.

And then amongst all Leo’s manipulation and playing the victim card, Joe comes to the rescue…

Week 4, Part 2

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This episode? Too much. How many scary men? One too many. How many saints? A Canadian and a grocer. Amount of money John has to now Venmo me for all the emotions I’ve been put through with this season so far? Endless.

Grocery Store Saint

In the middle of Leo gaslighting and being his gross self with Kendall making her feel all bad about everything that she shouldn’t feel bad about because she didn’t do anything but express how she was feeling, Joe, comes to the rescue. He asks if they’re done and he takes Kendall away from him.

They go off on their own and they start talking about everything. Kendall said that she knows that Joe is a good guy and shouldn’t be pulled in and tempted by people like Leo (no one ever should) and that she’s going to invest her time and heart into Joe. I would take a bullet for Joe.

Joe is happy + Kendall is safe = my sanity restored

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Eric & Angela’s Date

Eric gets his first date card and he and Angela go on a date to a hotel room. I felt like when they entered the hotel it was really weird because the lady that led them to the room was silent and just dropping flowers as they walked.

They are given this massive bowl of ice cream and I’ve never been more jealous, and then they give each other paradise shell necklaces. Eric says it’s effortless with Angela and Angela says that she can really fall in love with Eric. I think this was the best date of paradise so far and one of the ones that they actually showed a decent amount of time of.

Thoughts About the Episode That Don’t Fit into Their Own Category

  • Benoit & Jenna
    • Okay, I actually really liked Benoit on Winter Games, but since he’s been challenged by Jordan he’s really turned me away from liking him.
    • He kinda makes Jenna feel bad about her decision to go with Jordan and tells her that she can’t make his decision…whatever that means.
    • Jenna has a breakdown and says she doesn’t want to be responsible for other people’s hearts.
    • Jordan comes to comfort her and goes to talk with Benoit…again. Nothing really happened there.
  • The Passion Briefcase is something I aspire to have in my life.
  • The next day, Benoit is suddenly completely over Jenna and clearly only here for Chelsea…not like he’s trying to just get her rose to stay another week or anything…totally pure intentions.
  • Chris has Krystal teach him yoga which was just gross to watch.
  • So after all the Leo drama, Kendall is all Joe’s right? Nope, in swoops John and they kiss and I was mad
    • She then goes to Joe to talk and she freaks out. They calmly talk and F I N A L L Y become boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Leo says in his ITM that paradise needs to burn to the ground which I find really weird that not more people were talking about this because that’s scary and isn’t too far-fetched for him to try and do.
  • I need more Wells commentary and his puppets from last season.

Cocktail Party

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The night started off cloudy with a chance of Leo lashing out and being mean right away, the man wasted no time. I don’t remember exactly what he said to Kendall but it wasn’t nice and everyone told him to lay off, specifically Joe. So, of course, Leo walks away because literally no one is on his side and he tells Kendall, “good luck with Grocery Store B***h” and Joe starts standing up for himself and tells him to say it to his face. Leo walks off but Joe follows him. They get really close to each other, Joe ends up pushing Leo and Leo throws a drink in Joe’s face which is stupid. They start to go at each other until all the guys and producers come to pull them apart. Leo leaves and everyone rejoices and makes some Tarzan jokes…but Tarzan would never. Basically, Joe is and will always be a sweet and pure angel that needs to be protected at all times. Also, people like Leo better not ever be able to come on the show again. Not only did he do what he did on the show, but there are sexual harassment allegations toward him, and after last night’s episode he had threated Amanda Stanton from Ben’s Season and Tanner Tolbert from Kaitlyn’s season and BIP 2. ABC, do better.

But, moving on from the actual terrifying reality that men like this are able to get on the show, the rest of the party was rather quiet. Chelsea became the paradise bachelorette because she is the only one not in a relationship and there are three other men who are also not in one. She kisses John and Connor. I don’t blame her for being upset throughout the night because she knows, just like we all know, that these guys were really only talking to her because they wanted to be saved for another week. I would have been annoyed, too.

Colton and Tia have this hot dog kissing moment – weird, but kinda cute I guess. Then there’s Jordan and Jenna, and she’s opening up to him and saying how that she has a hard time accepting the fact that Jordan really likes her so much and had such strong feelings for her the moment he saw her, which is very relatable of her. Jordan gets all sweet and says that he doesn’t want to go on any other dates and he doesn’t want to leave her side which melted my heart.

Rose Ceremony

Who Gave Roses: Jenna & Jordan | Astrid & Kevin | Chelsea & John | Tia & Colton | Krystal & Chris | Kendall & Joe Annaliese & Kamil | Angela & Eric

Who Left: Connor, Benoit, and David

New Arrival: Olivia

Olivia from Arie’s season who went home night one arrives on the beach. She talks to Joe first and obviously, he’s not going. She then talks to John who tells her that he’s not involved with anyone or anything. Just completely acting like Chelsea doesn’t exist which makes my heart hurt for her and makes me mad at him because I don’t think he even went to talk to her before he went on the date…I could be wrong but I don’t remember him doing that. I liked John on Becca’s season and earlier this season, but something about him is just rubbing me the wrong way now. Chelsea deserves better and I wouldn’t be mad about seeing her as the Bachelorette.

Olivia & John’s Date

Okay, was this not the most uncomfortable and weird date to watch? Olivia and John walk into this really quiet room full of strangers just looking at them. Several moments of this pass until someone finally comes and tells them that they’re at a Quinceanera. Weird date, again nothing happened, and they kissed.

New Arrival: Cassandra

This beautiful woman walks down the step to the beach and the women in relationships are holding onto their men hoping she won’t talk to them. It turns out Cassandra is from Juan Pablo’s season which is a fun throwback from a terrible Bachelor, but I honestly don’t remember her.


She talks to a couple of the guys but some of them tell her that they’re already in a relationship and don’t want to go on a date…except Eric. After telling Angela the night before that he was all in for her and wouldn’t want to go on date with someone else. Eric tells Cassandra that he’s open. I was actually really surprised that he did this, I would expect it from a couple other guys but not him. He talks to Angela before going on the date and said that he woke up feeling differently and he wanted to go on the date, and Angela’s look alone could end the man.


That’s where the episode ends and there was just way too much drama crammed into this week’s episodes. And based on the previews, what’s to come is even more dramatic and will probably make me feel a million emotions again. I am excited about the episodes though because Jade & Tanner and Carly & Evan come back to paradise with their most beautiful babies and of course, finally, the Jared and Ashley proposal. Also, Joe holds Jade and Tanner’s baby and calls himself “uncle Joey” in the previews which made me way too excited…

Do you think any of the couples will get engaged at the end of this? Or has Paradise turned more into a drama-fueled environment rather than finding love?

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